Hou Chengjun, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Shandong Administration for Market Supervision Visited YIDU for Inspection

On October 29, 2020, accompanied by Liu Meihua, Deputy Mayor of Dongying City, Feng Yufeng, Secretary of Party leadership group of Dongying Administration for Market Supervision etc., Hou Chengjun, Secretary of Party leadership group, Director of Shandong Administration for Market Supervision, Zhou hailiang, Chief of Food&Beverage Service Department of Shandong Market Supervision Administration and Wang Xinjian, Chief of Production Department of Shandong Drug Administration and others came to our company to investigate the freeze-dried human rabies vaccine (Vero cells) project, Fan Ke, the General Manager welcomed them warmly.



Hou Chengjun got the overview of the company and then visited the freeze-dried rabies vaccine(Vero-cell) workshop.



Hou chengjun, The director gave high compliment to the projet of freeze-dried rabies vaccine(Vero-cell) for hunman use after the inspection, “the company should stress the prioity of product quality and the goverment will give strong support to these pamaceutical companies to improve the industrial structure of Shandong”, he said.

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